Why rescue trees

Tree Rescue is a national campaign to save the UK’s veteran trees!

If you own, care for, or just know of a significant veteran or ancient tree that’s stressed, in decline, diseased or dying, you can nominate it for free revitalising treatment at any time between now and 1 November 2018.

All you have to do is click Nominate a Tree, submit a few pictures and tell us a bit about it. In November we’ll select at least five trees for free enriched biochar treatment and deep root-zone soil decompaction.

Alternatively, if you’re a big company and would like to help us treat more trees, click Become a Sponsor to find out how!

Or if you just want to browse pics of the amazing trees that have already been nominated, such as the Hardy Tree at St Pancras, click on Nominated Trees!

Finally, if you missed the window to nominate your tree, don't worry. We'll be running the campaign again next year.