The rescue process

Much of a tree’s health is dependent not on atmospheric conditions, but soil conditions. By the time a tree reaches ancient or even veteran status, its roots will have absorbed almost all the nutrients in the soil around it.

On top of this, significant trees often suffer from soil compaction from years of footfall from visitors and admirers, meaning its roots have a hard time pushing through the soil to find what little nutrients are left.

We use an Apex Geo-Injector, which is essentially a pneumatic probe, to penetrate the soil around a tree up to 1.2 metres deep. We then inject 100psi of high pressured, compressed air to decompact soil around the trees’ deepest roots all the way up to the surface by creating natural and precise cavities. That solves the issue of soil compaction.

To improve the nutritional and structural quality of the soil, we backfill the cavities we create with Carbon Gold’s enriched biochar.

Biochar is a highly porous and inert form of charcoal which alters the structure of soil, improving its water holding capacity and providing the perfect housing for beneficial microorganisms that promote tree root health. Carbon Gold’s biochar is enriched with mycorrhizal fungi, worm casts and seaweed to speed up colonisation.

By introducing enriched biochar to soil around the roots of trees and plants, we provide a long term, natural and stable infrastructure that acts as an improved habitat for beneficial soil microorganisms. Combined with increased nutrient delivery, biochar treated soils experience higher colonisation rates of host plant roots by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi.

In independent studies conducted by third party experts, trees treated with Carbon Gold’s enriched biochar have been shown to have improved vitality and resistance to a number of prevalent, and in some cases incurable, diseases, including horse chestnut leaf miner, honey fungus, acute oak decline and ash dieback.